How SEO Can Benefit Your Cleaning Business

You have a house cleaning business and you have a website which is an online representation of your physical business. Your website should attract customers and this is where SEO comes in. Search engine optimization refers to all the efforts in the process of ranking a website higher on search engine result pages and attracting qualified traffic. This is the kind of traffic that will be in your cleaning business website because it is in search of cleaning services or information. Below are some of the benefits your local cleaning business will get from professional local SEO:

1. You Get A User-friendly Site

SEO-CleaningThe reason you are building a business website is to provide a central lace where users can find information about your local cleaning business and increase customer numbers. People are always looking for the easy way out and this means that a website that provides hurdles is not something they will want anything to do with. Though some people still think that SEO is all about impressing search engines, the truth is that search engines are looking for what is best for users. To impress the search engine robots, you will first need to ensure that the users are impressed. Professional cleaning SEO experts will make your target audience happy and this will in turn make search engines happy.

  1. You Get More Traffic

SEO is the reason why your website has or has no traffic. Users will find your website using keywords such as āDcleaning services in (location)”, áDthe best cleaning services (location) and āL(location) cleaning services’ among many others. Local SEO will assist you through the inclusion of keywords that are likely to be used by people looking for cleaning services in your location and this will ensure that your site is at the top of local search engine result pages. This is what gets you more traffic.

  1. You Get Better Conversion Rate

You might have a lot of people flowing into your cleaning business website but without conversion, the traffic is useless. Conversion rates refer to the number of people visiting your website and taking the actions you want them to. SEO can make your cleaning business website load faster and make it easy for your target audience to surf and read the content. Since people are attracted in efficient sites, you will be in a better position to convert your traffic into buyers and buyers into loyal customers. An increase in conversion rate means that your sales numbers will also be on the increase and from this, you can expand your business.

  1. Building A Brand

The only reason a customer comes back for services or refers their friends and family is if they notice that you have a strong brand. This is a brand that will come to their mind each time they think about cleaning services. Local SEO will help a great deal in building a solid brand that will go a long way into attracting new customers and keeping the existing ones.

  1. Beat Your Competitors

Local SEO focuses on the geographical location that your business can operate in. This means that instead of focusing on the entire world, continent or state, your business will focus on your town and the customers that you can reach. With this focus, you will be in a better position to beat your competitors. You will not be competing with cleaning companies from around the world to be at the top of the search engine result pages and this means that it will be easy being at the top, and on search results that actually matter.

New Google Search Quality Rating Guidelines

If you follow the SEO and Internet Marketing space at all you will have probably heard of the newly updated Google Search Quaity Guidelines PDF that was released this past week. If you an experienced IMer you probably also know that these guidelines don’t offer any silver bullet or hidden key to the secrets of the Google Algorithm. In fact, they could be considered to be a type of propaganda in the everlong information wars that is being waged by the Big G against the collective psyche of webmasters. Nonetheless, there are some insights that could prove useful for longterm visions and plans, as well as confirmations best practices in web design.

What Exactly is this Thing?

The guide they provided was first provided a few years back (2012 I believe, but don’t quote me on that) and it was first considered “leaked” to the press.  Google did this in order to drum up interest and intrigue about the guide and get webmasters to consume it as if it were a highly valued piece of competitive intelligence.  It is not.  It was released (leaked) purposely so that Google can spread far and wide the vision it has of what the web should look like (but which it must resort to manual reviewers to accomplish, since their algorithms are consistently being gamed).

Can We Learn Anything From It?

Depends on what you have to learn.  A novice SEO should certainly consume it and try to glean any insights they can from it.  I would warn against novice SEOs trying to actually learn SEO from Google, this has to be done through testing, testing and more testing.  Reading Google’s publications serves a different purpose from actually learning how to do SEO today.  It may help you learn how to do SEO for next year and beyond.

What do I mean by that? Well, knowing what Google is considering to be a good web experience is likely equivalent to how they are going to try and program their algorithm in the coming years.  Even if what they say is best today doesn’t actually translate into what ranks today, it may eventually translate into what ranks next year.  So it’s a good piece of reading in order to get into their heads a bit.  I just wouldn’t go so far as to use it to base any current strategy off of.  That job is reserved for testing and testing some more.

A friend of mine put it rarely nicely, he works at an SEO Kansas City company and as such has had some experience dealing both with people new to SEO as well as people who are diehard followers of everything Google has to say: “If you following everything Google says, it will lead you to a very successful and expensive AdWords Program”.  Google doesn’t really care about your SEO, it’s not how they grew to make 60 billion a year and control the worlds Internet traffic.  It cares about money and it gets all its from advertising.  So whenever they publish something, that always has to be at the back of your mind.

You’re Giving Me Mixed Signals, Bro.

I hear you, and here is the deal: Read it for what it’s worth, an accurate portrayal of what Google thinks is a good web experience and how it would instruct humans to rate websites.  They will incorporate this, potentially, into future algorithm updates.  Do not, however, bend to their will and use this as a guide for creating all your web properties.  For that, you should stick to doing your own testing or relying on some credible 3rd testing and literature.